Tour of Pre-Modern Observatory with Delhi Holiday Packages

Jantar Mantar in Delhi

Jantar Mantar in Delhi

India is popular among international travellers and a lot of holiday packages are available for touring within this country. Most tourists first arrive in Delhi by air as it is an important air-transit hub of India. If they have time before travelling through India with their domestic holiday packages from Delhi, there are numerous attractions within the city that they may consider visiting. Among the most interesting sites in the metropolis is Jantar Mantar, which is a testimony to the science and architectural mastery of Indians, through the ages. It is essentially a sundial or an astronomical clock built in 1724 by Jai Singh II, the ruler of Jaipur. He constructed it along with four others on the orders of the Mughal king Muhammad Shah, who wanted to revise the calendar.


The Jantar Mantar complex houses three astronomical instruments, built with the purpose of studying the movements of the planets, moon and the sun. Samrat Yantra or the royal instrument is the most significant of all three and is the main attraction in this pre-modern observatory complex. It is an erect right-angled red sandstone triangle with a height of 70 feet, width of 10 feet and a base-length of around 114 feet. Its slanting side, pointing to the North Pole, is about 128 feet long and is parallel to the axis of the earth. Curved stone structures on both sides of it have markings denoting the hours, minutes and seconds. Jai Prakash Yantras are two hollowed hemispheres with marble plates in their concave surfaces. Standing on the platforms outside the spheres, astronomers used to determine the precise position of stars. Misra Yantra is a slanting heart-shaped structure with stairs to reach to the topmost part. It was designed to determine the longest and shortest days of the year along with the moment when the sun would be directly overhead.


Jantar Mantar is located on Sansad Marg, one of the radial roads originating from Connaught Place. Indira Gandhi International Airport is around 13 km and New Delhi Railway Station is roughly 3 km from the attraction. If it is being visited with Delhi holiday packages, then tourists may take a metro and de-board at Patel Chowk and then take an auto or cycle rickshaws from there.


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