Trip to Ramnagar Fort with Cheap Tour Packages in India

Ramnagar Fort in India

Ramnagar Fort in India

Travellers can opt for cheap tour packages in India available on the internet and with different travel agencies to explore the country as per their budget. Religious or cultural tourism is among the most significant sub-types of the industry in India and Varanasi is included in hordes of such packages. In the past, it was an important trading city, known for muslin, silk, perfumes, sculptures and ivory trade. Varanasi is home to numerous ghats, the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Ramnagar Fort that are all popular attractions to visit.

Ramnagar Fort 

The fortress of Ramnagar was constructed by Raja Balwant, the king of the Kashi kingdom in 1750. It lies on the banks of the Ganga River and is about 14 km from the main city. The quadrangular complex contains numerous palaces, halls, temple, grounds and gardens. As is common with such structures, it is built on a high ground. Typical features of Mughal architecture like arches and projecting balconies and domes can be seen inside the premises. Tourists can visit only a section of the complex as the rest still belongs to the royal family. Thick and high walls with bastion towers and structural openings surround the complex. Its main entrance is a three-storey arched gateway with balconies and watchtowers on the topmost level.


The museum inside the fort is a popular attraction to visit when in Kashi, one of the top India holiday destinations. It is housed in the open pavilion, which in the past used to serve as the hall, where the maharaja interacted with his people. The institution is well-known for its rich collection of vintage American cars that the kings have been quite fond of. Apart from cars, more means of transport like decorated palanquins and elephant-back seats are also worth seeing here. Jewellery, ivory ornaments, medieval silk costumes, hookahs, royal portraits, musical instruments and astronomical clocks are also displayed in the museum. Being related to the maharaja and due to its location inside the fortress, the museum has a rich collection of cannons, daggers and vintage guns, brought from different parts of the world.


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