Exploring One of the Homes of the Tooth Relic during Sri Lanka Holidays

Tooth Relic Temple in Sri Lanka

Tooth Relic Temple in Sri Lanka

The Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy is a religiously important site as it contains a tooth of Lord Buddha. Throughout its stay in Sri Lanka, the relic has been housed in different places and often a shrine was constructed for it. Among the homes of the tooth that tourists may visit during their Sri Lanka holidays is Hatadage. This sacred place is in Polonnaruwa, a city in the North-Central Province of the nation. Nissanka Malla, the king of Sri Lanka, built the shrine during his rule in 12th century AD.

The Site

It was originally built of wood, brick and stone, but now only the latter two structures survive. The temple is surrounded by a wall with dimensions of 120 by 90 feet. Its entrance faces the south direction and in front of it, on the ground is a semi-circular flat relief. This feature, called sandakada pahana, has relief of various patterns and animals like horses and elephants. On its eastern side is another gateway, which is a lot smaller than the primary entrance. Analysing its design has led architects to maintain that the roof of the structure was inlaid with tiles. Travellers, coming here during their holidays in Sri Lanka, will see that the temple walls are built with bricks, while the boundary walls are covered with plates of stones.

Through the primary entrance, people enter a chamber measuring 27 by 21 feet. On its walls are depictions of various designs, including those of lotus flowers and lions. Ruins of 6 columns and the staircase, leading up to the upper storey, where the relic was housed can be seen inside this chamber. To the right of this room is a square-shaped hall with each of its side measuring 35 feet in length. Four windows can be seen on its walls and inside, tourists can see 3 of the 16 pillars that supported its roof. The biggest attractions within the site are the three Buddha statues that are partially destroyed. All statues have been carved out of granite, with the central sculpture being of 9 feet height and the other two of 7.5 feet.


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