Trip to Solomon Temple with Holiday Packages in India

Solomon Temple in India

Solomon Temple in India

Mizoram, in the north-eastern part of India, is a largely unexplored territory, due to its relatively remote location. It lies among the south-eastern extension of the Himalayas between elevations of 1000 and 2200 metres above sea level. Almost 90 per cent of its total land area is covered by thick forests, accounting for its remoteness. The state is bordered by Tripura in the northeast, Assam and Manipur in the north, Bangladesh in the east and Myanmar in the west and south. Aizawl is the capital, largest city and the administrative, cultural and financial epicentre of Manipur. A church, near this Mizo city, known as Solomon Temple, in recent times has become a popular attraction to visit during tours in India.

Solomon Temple

Solomon Temple is a non-denominational church as it does not belong to one sub-sect of Christianity. Its sect, known as Kohhran Thainghlim, was founded in 1984 by Lalbiakmawia Sailo. The mission of the society is to bring people into the world of Christ through spoken and written messages. Sailo initially wanted the construction to start in 1991, but the site was deemed too small. Its small size, clubbed with inadequate transportation, forced the religious society to find a more suitable place, about 10 km from Aizawl. After the relocation of the site, the construction of this house of god finally began five years later in 1996.

The Church is built entirely of white marble and has a large square courtyard in front of it. The four façades face the four cardinal directions and have 3 entrance doors, each. In every façade, the entrance porches are covered and the level above them has two marble sculptures of Archangel Gabriel, depicted as blowing his iconic trumpet. The main hall has two floors and is topped by structural triangles. These triangles ultimately are connected to towers, one on each face. The towers on their fronts have the Latin Cross and along its slanting walls, 7 Stars of David. On each vertex of the building is a two-storey square viewing galleries, topped with conical towers. Tourists visiting this attraction with holiday packages in India will also see long round arches on the two levels of the galleries and arched shelves, carved into the walls of the four faces.


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