Jaunt to Pidurangala on Sri Lanka Tours

Pidurangala in (Sri Lanka)

Pidurangala in (Sri Lanka)

Home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Sri Lanka – is a tropical jewel in the Indian sub-continent. Abundance of exotic wildlife, rare flora and fauna of this island nation are popular among international travellers. Historical monuments, forests, beaches, ancient temples, fortresses and numerous scenic spots can be visited during Sri Lanka tours. Buddhism is one of the popular religions of this nation, and hence, there are of monasteries and meditation centres over here. Some of these are there since years and Pidurangala is one of them. It is a giant rock formation located at approximately one kilometre from the ancient palace of Sigiriya.

Tourists can reach Pidurangala by climbing a rocky path and going through a few caves, where monks used to reside. After several researches, it has been found that this place was formed as a result of a volcanic activity. It has been occupied by monks since decades. On reaching the summit, panoramic views of Sigiriya and other hills can be seen clearly. This place came into limelight during the reign of King Kashyapa. It was considered for his new capital, but because of the steep slope on the top, the idea was discarded.

However, a number of attractions were built at this place and the rock temple is one of them. The main entrance of Pidurangala Rock Temple was constructed in the 1930s around thousands of years old cave temple. Buddhist, Hindu as well as Western influence has been observed after analysing objects that were found in the cave. It is believed that King Kashyapa was cremated near the entrance of the temple and a stupa was built to mark the spot.

During holidays in Sri Lanka, travellers can go on a jaunt to this site to know more about it. It takes around three hours to reach the top and the trek has been divided into two parts. It is advised that only fit people try this climbing as the first part includes steep irregular steps.


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