Buying Souvenirs with Nepal Tour Packages

Kathmandu in Nepal Tours

Kathmandu in Nepal Tours

Nepal tour packages can be availed to understand the national culture of this Himalayan nation. The best place to do so is Kathmandu, the capital of this mountainous country. Many locally-produced things can be bought from the various small and large shops dotted around the city. Numerous small-scale industries work round the clock, making traditional clothes, crockery and handicrafts, which are taken home by tourists in large numbers. By far, the biggest export of the nation is traditional clothing, and loads of visitors prefer it as a souvenir. Woollens are generally made of wool obtained from mountain sheep and yak as both have thick furs, allowing them to withstand severe winters. Clothing Items to buy here include ear-covering hats, sweatshirts, waistcoats and gloves, all made from wool and mostly brightly-coloured.

Pashmina or cashmere is another good thing to take back from Kathmandu. The fabric comes from the fur of changthangi goat, native to the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau. Prices of this item vary according to their finesse, intricacy and quality. Fabrics with nylon woven into them cost less while the same material interwoven with silk is a lot expensive. The fabric is in high demand throughout the world and the most common items bought by tourists are scarves and rugs. Another peculiar object, which is gaining rapid popularity around Nepal and outside is singing bowl. They are made of brass in such a way that if their insides are rubbed by a wooden stick, a musical sound is produced. Local stories say that the sound so produced induces vibrations in the atmosphere and has the power to heal. These may be factory-produced or hand made, where the former are highly symmetrical and decorated while the latter are plain in appearance.

Kathmandu is also known for its abundance of jewellery stores, selling ornaments with designs typical to the region. Gold and silver are brought mainly from India and sold in the qualities of 92 sterling and 22 carat, respectively. The local newspapers publish the price of these metals per gram everyday that may make it easier for visitors to estimate their expenditure. Semi-precious stones in different colours, also brought from India, are widely used to further adorn the gold and silver ornaments. Another widely-exported thing from the country is its local handicraft. It includes prayer wheels, door knockers, kettles, masks, trinkets and knives. When people come to the city as part of their Nepal holiday tour packages, they find the smell of incense al around. Genuine Nepali incense may be bought from inside various Buddhist monasteries. Tea grown in the Himalayan estates is rapidly becoming popular with locals and those coming from outside the nation.

Buddhist religious paintings known as thangkas can be found all around the country, in houses of the locals, temples and monasteries. These are made by embroidery or painting on cotton and silk clothes, and depicts a deity or a scene. They come in various sizes, from those easily carried in pockets to large wall-hangings. In addition, traditional butter lamps are also a rage among tourists who take interest in the handicrafts and monastic treasures of the country. Tourists coming here on a holiday should definitely not miss out on exploring its world of stunning crafts.

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