Hiking to Skeleton Lake with Vacation Packages India

Skeleton Lake in India

Skeleton Lake in India

A mysterious yet beautiful place to visit with vacation packages India is Roopkund. It is an alpine glacial lake, lying on the base of Mount Trishul, at a rough altitude of 5029 metres. The discovery of human skeletons in its depths has made it famous around the world. Various legends and stories circulate in the country about the identity of the dead and the reason and date of their perishing. Carbon dating and detailed studies have established 9th century as the time of the deaths of those, whose bones were found here. DNA testing has revealed that the bones belong to Indians and not Chinese people as it was earlier believed.


Trekking to this alpine lake is becoming quite popular among travellers and many tour agencies have started conducting regular tours to the site. The base camp at Lohajung, 2350 metres above the sea, is the starting point of this six-day long hike. Onwards from here, people walk through rhododendron, pine and oak forests, and cross many small streams on the way to the village of Didina. The next day, trekkers climb higher to Bedni Bugyal, going through Ali Bugyal. Bugyals are alpine meadows of grass and shrubs at 3000-4000 metre altitude.

From the meadow, beautiful views of the Trishul and Nanda Ghunti peaks mesmerise the beholders. Ghora Lotani is another beautiful meadow that is crossed en route to Bhagwabasa. It is the highest point till which vegetation can prosper and above it are naked mountains. Ascending upwards, trekkers reach the Kalu Vinayak shrine, where an idol of Lord Ganesha lies inside a stone structure. Skeleton lake is climbed on the sixth day of the journey.

Those travellers on Nepal tours, who have already explored the Himalayas from the Nepalese side can consider coming to India, especially Uttarakhand to go on a trek to this place, which has gained popularity owing to its uniqueness in recent times.

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