Enjoying a Short Trekking Trip in Nepal Vacation Package

Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal

The scenic beauty, rocky mountains and stunning landscapes of Nepal make it one of the best travel destinations for all types of tourists – be it an art lover, adventure seeker, history lover or spiritual person. Featuring most of the highest peaks of the world, the country is known for various trekking spots, which are highlights of Nepal holiday tour packages. Other countries like India, Bhutan and Tibet sharing immense beauty of Himalayan ranges and its high ranges offer similar destinations, but Nepal offers a variety in the same.

Phulchowki Trek in Nepal

Phulchowki Trek in Nepal

From the challenging Manaslu Circuit Trek to Mt. Everest mountaineering, tourists can enjoy all forms of trekking while being in Nepal. They can go to the Tsum Valley, which has recently been opened for people with an adventure streak. Apart from beholding the stunning landscape, ancient Himalayan traditions and cultures can also be seen and experienced by them. Travellers can explore the Valley of Glaciers by marching through the scenic Langtang Valley. This gives an opportunity to see the jaw-dropping beauty of Himalayas and the ethnicity of Tamang villages. The unparalleled experience gained during Rara Lake Trek and Dhaulagiri Circuit is simply unique. All these treks may take several days to complete, suitable for travellers with a long holiday plan. This country has something for everyone and tourists planning a short trip can enjoy trekking in Phulchowki.

Phulchowki Trek

The hiking trail from Kathmandu to Phulchowki is around a six-hour long journey. Phulchowki is one of the highest peaks in the the Kathmandu Valley, with a height of about 2800 metres. Beautiful rose, jasmine and iris gardens falling on the way are sources of the name of this peak. Phul is a Hindi word than means flower, and as the name suggests, the trek to this mountain peak is full of flowery beauty. On the top of the mountain lies a beautiful Buddhist shrine, which can also be visited by travellers. It can be part of the vacation package of those planning a quick and refreshing trip in the Himalayas.


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