Celebrate Aluth Avurudda with Locals during Sri Lanka Holidays

Holiday to Sri Lanka

Holiday to Sri Lanka

As reported by many tourists, Sri Lanka holidays are full of adventure, fun and plenty of opportunities for sightseeing. Festivals and events celebrated in the country provide travellers with ample opportunities to know more about the rich Lankan traditions and culture. One of the most important among them is Aluth Avurudda – the Sinhala Hindu New Year. It is celebrated in the month of Bak, which falls in April as per the Gregorian calendar. Bak means fortune, which refers to utmost prosperity and hope. Farmers collect ripened crops during this period, which is another reason to celebrate this day in April. The tropical climate of Sri Lanka can be hot and humid at times, but during the Aluth Avurudda celebrations, the weather stays pleasant.

Various centuries-old rituals are carried out by Sri Lankan people during this annual celebration. Women offer pots of boiled milk while cooking Kiribath, exactly between the old and the new year. The first sight of the full moon is followed by the tradition to take a bath for the Nonagathe period. Anointing oil in the head, preparing milk-rice and starting of various tasks are done at a pre-decided time, after several astrological calculations. It is among the few festivals commonly celebrated by the Tamilians as well as Sinhalese in the country. As per astrological beliefs, on Aluth Avurudda, the sun completes one circle around the 12 zodiacs, initiated with the Aries and ended with the Pisces. It is believed that the sun is in the middle of Aries and Pisces, marking the beginning of a new circle. This festival is important for the agrarians and the Sinhalese Buddhists, who celebrate Vesak – the Buddhist New Year – after around a month. Travellers can also plan tours in Nepal in May to observe and enjoy this festival as Buddhism followers in this country celebrate this festival with utmost zeal.


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