Bhutan and Nepal Tours for a Heritage Holiday

The Himalayan countries of Asia are known for their distinct topographies, diverse cultures, rich heritage and sacredness. Amidst these, Nepal and Bhutan are particularly famous for their typical mountainous lifestyle, which has been the subject of interest for writers, travellers as well as international filmmakers. In present times, Bhutan and Nepal tours are heavily focussed on their religious roots, royal associations, vibrant traditions and historical sites. Tourists from all over the world avail such tour packages in order to get acquainted with the various vibrant aspects, which these countries boast of. These two Asian nations have earned a great deal of fame for their heritage and other cultural associations, which have striking similarities in different ways.

Well-preserved Heritage in the National Museum of Bhutan

National Museum of Bhutan

National Museum of Bhutan

People opting for Bhutan tours are impressed with its scenic locales, which are dotted with a large number of ancient forts, monasteries and royal palaces. Excavations in the country since olden times have led to the discovery of significant artefacts, which have been preserved in its national museum. It was set-up in the 1960s, in the restored building of the historic Ta-dzong. Bhutanese art masterpieces, bronze sculptures and other precious antiques are displayed in the different galleries of this cultural museum, which is visited by art, culture and history connoisseurs in large numbers.

The Culturally-significant Patan Durbar Square of Nepal

There are three prominent cultural quarters in the Kathmandu Valley. Amongst these, the Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur earns immense fame for its religious and royal edifices. It is a famous World Heritage Site, as designated by the reputed organisation UNESCO. This square is exemplary of the Newa architecture, which was dominantly used in the construction of stupas and chaitya monasteries of Nepal. Temples, large idols and residential buildings adorn this beautiful cultural square of Lalitpur. Tourists, pilgrims and historians from all over the world visit this site, which leaves them mesmerised with its architectural brilliance.


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