Trip to Kopan Monastery on Nepal Holidays

Kopan Monastery- Nepal

Kopan Monastery- Nepal

Nepal, located in the southern part of Asia, is one of the high bio-diversity regions in the world. Home to rich flora and fauna, this landlocked nation is famous for its scenic, natural beauty. Hordes of globetrotters choose for Nepal tour packages and come to this country to spend their holidays amidst the beauty of nature. Besides this, the place is also famous for offering adventure activities, such as trekking, climbing, biking and canoeing. Another highlight of this place that draws a number of people each year is its sacred shrines. There are a number of Hindu and Buddhist shrines in the region that receive devotees all throughout the year.

Kopan Monastery

This holy site came into existence in the year 1969, under the patronage of Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who fled from Tibet and came to Nepal in 1959. The idea behind founding this monastery was to build a place where young Himalayan nuns and monks, as well as, foreign students could live and learn about Tibetan Buddhism. In the 1990s, extensive construction took place as a result of which is what it is now, a grand structure with a wonderful complex.

Main Temple and Complex

Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha

As you head towards the main temple, you can see various paintings, including that of the Wheel of Life and four Dharma kings of Tibet. Inside the shrine lies a 20-foot statue of Lama Tsong Khapa, who was the founder of the Gelug tradition. In proximity to this statue, there are other statues that belong to Lama Yeshe, Maitreya Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha and Manjushri. The temple complex also houses a Tantric College, where monks are trained on Buddhist mandalas and rituals. During Nepal holidays, a trip to this revered shrine can be a great chance to learn about lamas and their pious lifestyle.


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