Nepal Trekking Tours: A Lifetime Opportunity for Adventure Seekers

Nepal trekking

Nepal trekking

Nepal is a significant place when it comes to revered pilgrimage sites for the followers of Buddhism. This South Asian country is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and hence, has several aspects to it that are related to the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. Besides religiosity, this nation is known for offering opportunities for several adventure sports like mountaineering, mountain biking and trekking. Every year, thousands of people from across the globe come for Nepal trekking tours to climb some of the highest peaks of the world located here.

Preparations and Precautions

Kathmandu in Nepal

Kathmandu in Nepal

Trekking, although, is a fascinating activity but it requires certain precautionary measures to be taken before starting the journey. It is important to carry along only what is required and leave behind the rest to avoid discomfort. The well-known trail grounds of Kathmandu and Pokhara regions have several small shops in the vicinity, from where people can rent the required material. A comfortable pair of footwear, preferably hiking boots, is advisable to carry in the luggage. Clothing should include a fair variety, suitable for the varying temperatures as the location sometimes experiences a chilling weather, which demands proper warm attire. A wind-proof jacket, a pair of gloves, neck-warmer and warm lowers can be suitable clothing collection to carry on the trip.

The equipment to be carried by trekkers includes first-aid box, binoculars, hiking sticks, purified water and necessary medication. People with any health related problem or altitude sickness should be ready to face the worst as the journey is tedious. Some basic hiking equipment and supplies like toiletries and packaged food can also be purchased on the routes. They can try out locally manufactured products like biscuits and candies, easily available in the shops. It is also a good idea to buy a local map to get acquainted with the trail routes. People, who choose to go for trekking trips by availing Nepal tour packages, must keep all these point in mind before embarking on such expeditions.


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