An Excursion to Torsa Strict Nature Reserve with Bhutan Vacation Packages

Thrumshingla national parks-Bhutan

Thrumshingla national parks-Bhutan

A landlocked nation, the Kingdom of Bhutan is located towards the eastern part of the mighty Himalayas. Bordered by the countries of Nepal, India and China, this country has a diverse landscape that ranges from sub-alpine Himalayan terrains to subtropical plains, with a total land area of about 40000 square kilometres. Home to both Buddhists and Hindus, this place has a number of temples and monasteries that are flocked by devotees all throughout the year. Besides sacred shrines, this country also boasts of a rich flora and fauna that can be witnessed at its national parks and wildlife reserves, such as Royal Manas, Jigme Dorji and Thrumshingla national parks. Another such important wildlife sanctuary of the region is Torsa Strict Nature Reserve, which is situated in West Bhutan between the districts of Samste and Haa. Though there is no human settlement in this area, permissions can be taken from the concerned authority to visit this place. With Bhutan tour packages, excursion to similar such locations is quite possible.

Torsa Strict Nature Reserve

Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park

This reserve is considered part of the Himalayan landscape that comprises Langtang National Park and the region of Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga of Sikkim (in India). There are several water bodies that drain this place and are a source of water for the animal species residing here. Deciduous forests, temperate forests, sub-alpine and alpine, and scrublands form part of its landscape.

Besides being home to around 150 avian species, this place is a protected area for endangered species like Rufous-necked hornbill. On a visit to this amazing area, you find a small lake in its central part, which is called as Lake Sinchulunga. Since there is no human settlement in the region, the feel of this place is quite unique. With Bhutan vacation packages, such jaunts to the wildlife are experiences that remain with you forever.


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