Exploring the Unexplored Destinations of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tours

Sri Lanka tours

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a small island country, which is a popular tourist spot in Asia. Its scenic locations, sparkling sand beaches, abundant water resources and rich biodiversity make it a popular attraction for leisure travellers from across the world. A blend of several rich cultures adds to the beauty and prominence of the country. Visitors are offered warm hospitality and several recreational options to make their stay delightful in this nation, which also is a major Buddhist pilgrimage destination. Apart from the main destinations, this place boasts of numerous beautiful, but lesser known attractions, which are yet to be explored. These places proved to be a great pleasure during an exploration on holidays to Sri Lanka.


Kandy in Sri Lanka

Kandy in Sri Lanka

Kandy is a large city located among the lofty hills in the centre of Sri Lanka. It was last of all the royal kingdoms to be invaded by the British army. The city boasts as the resting place of the tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Having witnessed the invasion of the Dutch and Portuguese forces, this place is now considered as an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. It serves as home to people of diverse ethnicity and thus, houses religious sites belonging to all faiths. A yearly procession is held in the months of July to August at this place, in which the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is carried on the back of a royal tusker, with honour.

The procession is carried on for long distance and includes traditional music, dance and fireworks. This city features an arboretum on the banks of Mahaweli River, called The Perdaniya Botanical Garden, which is among the leading ones in South Asia. Visitors can behold the splendid collection of tropical plants nourished by the milder weather of the region. Sri Lanka tour packages offer such touring options inclusive of these exotic locations. Travellers, who visit the country, like to explore these hidden treasures of this picturesque nation.


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