Far-flung Wonderful Destinations on a Trip to India

Meghalaya Tourist Places-(India)

Meghalaya Tourist Places-(India)

Tour packages in India is not only about visiting the most prominent attractions of the country. Sometimes, the quaint destinations provide unbelievably beautiful sceneries and desolate yet wonderful spots for spending a vacation. One such state is Meghalaya, located in the north-eastern part of India. The state is so far-flung that travellers have shunned the place for ages. However, with modern transport making it more accessible and the sheer beauty of the state has made it a popular place of visit for globetrotters. Its capital, Shillong has a number of attraction spots that has promoted the tourism of the state by quite a significant margin.

Wards Lake

Wards Lake

Wards Lake

Wards Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions of Shillong, which was named after Sir William Ward who was the Chief Commissioner during British Rule. It is an artificial lake, which is like a horse-shoe shape and is surrounded by lush green gardens and a hill station. There is a wooden bridge built over the pool, which adds a charm to this location. This pond was constructed around 100 years ago and is situated beneath Raj Bhavan. Visitors come to this place to spend some time in this pleasant and peaceful environment and to enjoy boating in this beautiful pond. There are several species of fishes, which are found in the pool water. The place is abundant with different types of flowers and plants, which are planted at botanical garden situated adjacent to the lake. This place has emerged as an ideal place for nature lovers and those people who want to spend a retreat in the laps of Mother Earth. Travellers can relish lip-smacking variety of dishes and beverages served at on-site cafeteria. Make sure you visit this location while on a trip to India.


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