Explore the Beauty of Natural Lakes with Vacation Packages India

Surinsar Lake-(India)

Surinsar Lake-(India)

Over decades, hordes of tourists have been drawn by the natural beauty of gleaming water bodies. The infinite blue of pristine tarns, gleaming glaciers, crystal rivers and cascading waterfalls not only captivate the onlookers by their serene beauty, but also contribute to the ecosystem. As per geographical records, the continent of Asia alone contributes for about 20 per cent of lakes in the world. This region features nations like India and Nepal, which are characterised with prominent bounties of nature such as the Himalayas, Thar Desert, Mount Everest and Kathmandu Valley. People from different parts of the world opt for vacation packages India to explore the mesmeric Surinsar Lake in Jammu.

Surinsar Lake

Located in Jammu, Surinsar Lake is famous for its breathtaking landscape and pleasant atmosphere. According to the Hindu mythology, this spring was originated because of the bow shot by Arjuna, a famous warrior of Mahabharata. Owing to this religious belief, bathing or swimming is not permitted in the pond. This place is visited by thousands of pilgrims during  Annual Mela and Sharavan Purnima festival. Tourists can witness some of the endemic species of birds, which often migrate to this place for feeding. Usually during the summer season, people get to see lotus flowers floating over this pond. This spring is surrounded by hills and dense forest, hence giving a great moment to enjoy the serene beauty of lush green sights.

Phoksundo Lake

Phoksundo Lake-(Nepal)

Phoksundo Lake-(Nepal)

Situated in the lower Doplo region, Phoksundo Lake is regarded as one of the deepest reservoirs in Nepal. It has a depth and length of around 650 metres and 5 kilometres respectively. Travellers are often found mesmerised with its turquoise colour and picturesque backdrop of Himalayan peaks. There is no marine life in this pond and water is known to be crystal clear. Since, it is one of the sacred basins of Nepal, bathing and swimming is strictly banned. One of the famous natural reserve Shey Phoksundo National Park lies in the proximity of this spring. Travellers can opt for Nepal tours, which include visit to this jewel of Doplo.


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