Enjoy Whale Watching with Sri Lanka Vacation Tours

Vacation tours-(Sri Lanka)

Vacation tours-(Sri Lanka)

The island nation of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean is located off the southern tip of India in South Asia. It lies in the Indomalaya ecozone and is among the 25 top biodiversity spots of the world. People from different parts of the world opt for Sri Lanka vacation tours to visit its beautiful destinations. Home to more than 20 wildlife reserves, this country preserves a wide range of species, such as sloth bears, leopards, Asian elephants, purple-faced langurs and unique loris. Several endangered species like anteaters, porcupine and wild boars are also found here. The seaside of Mirissa is visited by tourists from around the world as it is home to a number of famous vacation hotspots. As a result of this diversity in wildlife, whale watching has emerged as one of the major entertainment activities for tourists.

Expansive Sandy Stretches of Mirissa

Mirissa Beach-(Sri Lanka)

Mirissa Beach-(Sri Lanka)

The serene beach of Mirissa is located in southern Sri Lanka and is approximately 150 kilometres away from Colombo – the capital city of the country. This seaside offers scenic surroundings characterised with vast sandy stretches, turquoise water as well as verdant palm and coconut trees. Tourists can simply laze around and enjoy a peaceful repose at this secluded place or can take leisurely strolls along the coastline. Adventure lovers can indulge in various water sports and activities like surfing and boating.

Another popular activity, which this mesmeric destination offers is whale watching. Special boat and flight tours are organised for this unique activity, which allows tourists to watch the largest mammals of the world – Blue Whales. The largest toothed-predator of the world and the largest whale with a dental system – Sperm Whales can also be observed here. Friendly species of dolphins, the cetacean mammals are also spotted often at the shore of this extraordinary destination. The best way to witness these beauties of the deep blue sea is by opting for a tour package to this amazing destination that render a memorable experience for a lifetime.


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