Admiring Rich Flora and Fauna at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve during Tours in Nepal

South Asian-(Nepal)

South Asian-(Nepal)

Nepal, a South Asian nation, shares its boundaries with Indian and China. This country is widely acknowledged as a tourist destination for its numerous monasteries, temples and historic edifices. Apart from this, its bewitching natural beauty and a number of lofty hills attract nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts here all year-round. Home to numerous flora and fauna species, this nation is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and birdwatchers. There are many national parks and wildlife reserves established in the country for the protection of various endangered species. During tours in Nepal, a visit to these reserves can be a great option to witness unspoiled natural beauty and wildlife.

Quality Time at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu-(Nepal)

Koshi Tappu-(Nepal)

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, established in the year 1976, is a protected region in the Terai area of eastern Nepal. This wildlife reserve covers an area of approximately 175 square kilometres and was started with an aim to protect the endangered Asiatic wild buffaloes. Now, there are approximately 30 species of mammals, including spotted deer, hog deer, Asian elephant, wild pig and smooth-coated otter within its boundaries. This place, mainly known for birdwatching, has over 480 varieties of birds that include some rare and endemic ones. The entire area is covered with grasslands, mixed deciduous forests and marshy vegetation. There are various resorts and tent camps available in this area where tourists can stay and enjoy the tranquil environment.

The best time to visit this reserve is from October to March, when easy sighting of various wild animals is possible. It is about 550 kilometres from Kathmandu, and this distance can be covered by air or road. The nearest airport is at Biratnagar, from where visitors can hire taxis to reach the park. Alternatively, travellers can go for Nepal tour packages to visit this area without any hassle.


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