Strenuous Sojourn to Rolwaling Valley with Nepal Trekking Tours

Kechana Kalan-Nepal

Kechana Kalan-Nepal

The picturesque country of Nepal is known for its high mountains, meandering rivers and rich biodiversity. Located between India and China, it is a part of the temperate zone towards the north of the Tropic of Cancer. This land has three major geographical classifications, namely Terai, mid hill and Himalayan region. The Terai plains house the lowest point of this nation – Kechana Kalan, while the highest peak – Mount Everest is found in the Himalayan region. The several soaring peaks of this land offer umpteen opportunities for adventurous treks and other adrenaline-pumping sports, attracting thrill seekers from across the globe. Vacationers can avail Nepal tour packages to explore these must-see attractions for a memorable vacation.

Thrilling Expedition in Rolwaling

Thrilling Expedition-Nepal

Thrilling Expedition-Nepal

Rolwaling is a pristine valley located towards the north-east of Kathmandu – the national capital. Soaring mountains, glaciers, quaint villages and ridges are the varied facets of this breathtaking valley. Its diverse and tough terrain makes it a perfect place for adventure enthusiasts, especially trekkers. There are numerous hiking trails in this country, however, this region offers one of the finest and most challenging of them all. Charikot, a town in Dolakha District, serves as the base for several hiking routes in the region. During this thrilling sojourn, trekkers are required to climb steep mountains, cross freezing water bodies and live in make-shift camps.

Professional guidance and adequate equipment are a pre-requisite for conquering this difficult land. Those planning to go for this trek should be mindful of their health conditions as a high level of fitness in required for it. Travellers who have heart problems and breathing difficulties should ideally refrain from undertaking this strenuous jaunt. There are many local authorised organisations that offer Nepal trekking tours, which are inclusive of accommodation, food, sightseeing and transportation. These packages have a well-planned itinerary, from which tourists can choose according to their requirements.


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