Trekking Expedition in Jannu during Nepal Tours



The country of Nepal is flocked by travellers from around the world owing to its  numerous breathtaking attractions. The landscape of this region is diverse and comprises undulating mountain terrains, sparkling lakes, lush green meadows and dense forests. Tourists largely visit here to behold and admire the splendid vistas of the Himalayas and the majestic Annapurna Range. The nation is home to eight of the highest mountain peaks on earth and are flocked by avid adventurers, who come to indulge in trekking, rappelling and hiking activities. Holidaymakers on Nepal tours can explore these awe-inspiring mountains, which are dotted across its different regions.


Jannu (Kumbhakarna)

Jannu (Kumbhakarna)

Jannu is one of the highest peaks of the Himalayan range and is situated near the border of Sikkim (India) and Nepal. Situated at an elevation of 7,710 metres above sea level, it is the 32nd highest mountain peak in the world. Officially this tall mountain is known as Kumbhakarna while locals acknowledge it as Phoktanglungma. Folklores suggest that the name of Kumbhakarna has been accorded to the peak from one of the namesake characters of the epic of Ramayana. Jannu is considered as an ideal spot for indulging in adrenaline-pumping activities of hiking and mountain climbing. Several expeditions have been carried out at this peak by mountaineers from around the globe, the famous one being the team from Russia that reached a height of over 7000 metres.

People who seek to indulge in similar activities can opt for Nepal holiday tour packages as a number of these include trips to these amazing mountains. It is advised by regular visitors to these places is to carry binoculars, extra warm clothes and packed food in their backpack. Also, it is recommended to get assistance from local guides for a more safer and enjoyable experience. Most guides are well-aware of different terrains, weather and other factors that might cause issues for mountaineers along the way to the summit.


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