Royal Palace of Kandy: A Highlight of Sri Lanka Tours

Royal Place Kandy- Srilanka

Royal Place Kandy- Srilanka

The island country of Sri Lanka has always been among the prominent tourist destinations in the Asian sub-continent. It is bestowed with a number of natural wonders that have contributed to its tourism industry, attracting a lot of visitors from across the globe. People come here not only to witness its natural beauty, but also to visit its several man-made edifices, which have gradually transformed into major attractions. There are a few palaces located in the region that depict the royalty of numerous kingdoms from the bygone era. Visitors on Sri Lanka tours can explore such sites and get a deep insight into the rich history of the country.

Royal Palace of Kandy

Royal Palace of Kandy is nestled in the serene valleys of Kandy and is a prominent tourist attraction. It was the official residence of the monarchs of Kingdom of Kandy until the building was acquired by the British during the 19th century. There are a few noteworthy structures in the main compound, such as Temple of the Tooth – contains the tooth of Lord Buddha, council chambers, royal halls, queens chamber and armoury room. In recent years, parts of this complex have been converted into National Museum of Kandy that exhibits a multitude of relics and antiquities from the ancient era.

Such a destination is highly admired by art and history enthusiasts, and if they intend to witness similar structures then planning for Nepal tours can be a good option as well. Nepal, a landlocked country, has a rich legacy of kings and queens that have ruled the region over a span of many decades.

Narayanhity Palace

Narayanhity Place- Nepal

Narayanhity Place- Nepal

Narayanhity Palace or Narayanhity Durbar is a popular structure situated in the northern region of the city of Kathmandu. It was inhabited by the Shah Kings during the 18th century and served as the official residence of many monarchs of this country. This edifice is designed entirely as a Pagoda structure and comprises finely-laid gardens enclosed within fortified walls. After the monarchy ended in the country in 2008, this building was turned into a museum.


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