Rafting Experiences with Bhutan and Nepal Holidays

Travel Packages-Bhutan

Travel Packages-Bhutan

The mountainous regions of north and north-east India, Nepal and Bhutan offer some of the best sites for adventurous activities. Due to the presence of huge cliffs, deep valleys, captivating waterfalls and gushing streams, these regions are favourite places for adventure enthusiasts. Some of the most practised adventure sports at these places are trekking, kayaking, rafting and skiing. Bhutan and Nepal, the two landlocked nations, have a number of fast flowing rivers, which offer some of the perfect places for indulging in water sports. In fact, most Bhutan travel packages or for that matter such packages to Nepal are incomplete without rafting and kayaking.

Bhutan has six popular rivers, Puna Tsang Chhu, Wang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Dangme Chhu, Sunkosh and Kuri Chhu, which provide an ideal opportunity for people to take part in rafting and kayaking. Their unpredictable courses through undulating lands offer people to explore the wilderness and heights of this nation. The currents in these water bodies vary from slow to powerful depending upon the place; as a result, enthusiasts of varying expertise can take part. Beginners can go to places where the slopes are less and currents are gentler. There are also regions, where the slopes are extremely unpredictable and currents are powerful.

Sunkoshi River-Nepal

Sunkoshi River-Nepal

Nepal holidays also offer such great opportunities as there are numerous places here for river sports activities. Some famous rivers are Sun Koshi, Tamur, Bheri and Kali Gandaki, on which rafting expeditions are organised. Adventure lovers can avail one-day tours to expeditions, which span over a week. Some of the best landscapes and mesmerising views of this country can be witnessed while taking part in these activities. Various levels of expeditions are offered in this country to suit professionals as well as amateurs. Make sure you do not miss out on these adrenaline-pumping activities while you are visiting these countries nestled in the lap of the Himalayas.


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